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Blue Mountains

UBERart is a new service that has been designed to cater for different peoples needs in the acquisition of art. Whether you want to buy art for your collection or rent art to update the look of your offices then UBERart has the solution for you.
If in our collection of art you cannot find what you are looking for then visit our create section. This section enables you to get in touch with one of our artists so that they can create the exact piece that you want.
UBERart is all about bringing artists and purchasers together in an easy way that streamlines the process for everyone.
All works are either originals or part of a limited edition that ensures that you only receive art that will appreciate over time.
The services we offer include:  
  • Hire of artwork(in some cases previously not available in Australia), with an option to purchase;
  • Creative Introduction and Consulting
  • Reseller and Partner options
  • Upfront purchase of original artworks from both corporate and private collections;
  • Organisation of gallery venues for client and networking events while previewing a broad range of limited-edition works, and framing, delivery and hanging service.

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