Our aim is to continue to bring the right clientele to the art source they are searching for by making you obvious.

ARTnews has become a strong, large web site that brings traffic directly to it's publishing members. ARTnews is now such that the highest hitting pages are home pages, that look like a publishing member's own web site, and belong to those who create the most news pages regarding their exhibitions. Your pages get traffic because ARTnews is huge PLUS you keep all of the traffic you generate because your home page design doesn't let users go to other ARTnews members. In this way our strengths are both our size and the specifics you publish.

To this end we have developed:

  • an add on web functionality for your own site where you can update your own pages online, using the ARTnews console. (Email enquiries to: Jayne.)

  • a very successful web presence that is something like art central online, garunteed to bring traffic to your web site, raising your profile online and the value of your site.

  • an Australian art specific search engine that will soon search your site as well as the pages you create on ARTnews. Click here to test drive.

  • a key word and regional database that will take people to your gallery with one click from our front page. Click here to view in the central area and right hand margin.

  • a publishing console used by ARTnews members only. Please click here for further details and to apply for a user name and password to begin publishing. This system goes some way to giving control of the arts media to arts administrators, gallery operators, dealers, promoters and artists, those people who constitute the arts industry.

  • regularly updated arts media data presented in a variety of useful ways. These include a series of databases and blocks of proofed and tested email addresses divided according to media distribution, (eg: all nationally distributed media is in the one database, including TV, radio, magazine and newspaper formats) accessed from your dedicated console. This part of our service also comes with a comprehensive, arts media gossip sheet that is emailed to you at the time of every update.

This diagramme represents how web traffic flows from the ARTnews traffic trap to your business. Your site or information published on ARTnews directs traffic after its arrival.

Please click here to view our mission statement and to read a summary of our past, present and future development.

Please note: you do not need a web site to use ARTnews' services. You will automatically have an ARTnews web address ( eg: https://www.artnews.com.au/yourname/gallery or https://www.artnews.com.au/yourname/artist ) that can be updated using the ARTnews online editor and will seem to operate independently. In fact, we can point a domain name to this page, and develop a template so that your sub domain can operate independently both aesthetically, user traffic and click wise.

Users cannot enter ARTnews form your sub-domain if they type in your address when your pages use your own template (without ARTnews links). At the same time, the pages you generate regarding your exhibitions will double as news items in the ARTnews news feed system. People entering these pages from ARTnews can go on to your gallery site or home page, however, when they enter these pages from your site they cannot go on to ARTnews, they can only return to your web site or sub-domain.

The ARTnews system is © Jayne Waterford, 2003, all rights reserved.

ARTnews acknowledges that web design is one of last unregulated industries in our economy (Other examples include art and books). Consequently we have witnessed a lot of over charging for what is actually involved in providing web services. You will find that our subscription fees, rates and quotes for time taken to complete extra tasks you might order in the future, are very reasonable and sensible, reflecting the work's true time taken.

If you are concerned about the illegal or unauthorized use of the images that you publish on ARTnews, (offences committed buy people who visit ARTnews on the internet), please click here to read about our response to this possible and probable scenario.

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