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Blue Mountains
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and Liverpool Regional Museum

61 2 9824 1121

1 Casula Road
Casula 2170
Daily 10-4

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and Liverpool Regional Museum are nationally recognised for its distinctive approach to cultural programming which integrates community, contemporary art, environment and heritage.


Artist: Jasmine Guffond & Torben Tilly, Brook Andrew and Regina Walter.
This new public artwork presents the history of the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre site in a unique night work exploring ecology and myth through both sound and light, its supernatural history, its criminal history, and the myths and fantasies.
Date: 16 Aug 2003 - 31 Aug 2003

Artist: Simon Cavanough Alison Clouston Gordon Hookey May Lei Hunt Mathieu Gallois Squat Space Astrid Spielman John von Sturmer Ruth Watson Melody Willis Simon Yates
The History of Things To come is an exhibition of new works by contemporary artists who examine local and global issues of sustainability, through topics such as the environment, transport, communities, architecture, globalisation, people and the future
Date: 15 Nov 2002 - 30 Nov 2002

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